Analyze your network in real-time to uncover common security vulnerabilities and configuration mistakes. Get a 360 degree view of your cyber security position to accurately measure and mitigate cyber-risk.

Network Security Risk Assessment

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Is My Network Safe? 

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding cybersecurity. Many business owners mistkaenly assume that they are not targets because they have less than fifty employees and very little data. Unfortunately, this is not reality. Automated hacker tools crawl the internet seeking out vulnerable networks, and small businesses rarely have the expertise to defend against these sophisticated threats.

Even if I have IT staff?

 The traditional view of cybersecurity places the burden of defending your network on your IT department. This model has been useful in the past, but there is a growing disparity between the skills of traditional IT staff and cybersecurity experts. That is becuase threats are growing more complicated and so are the tools we use to detect and eliminate them.

That is why Digitel specializes in co-managed service solutions where our cybersecurity experts work in conjunction with your existing IT staff to balance workloads and augment your IT capabilities with our specialists' knowledge.

The network security risk assessment is a prudent way to affirm your commitment to comprehensive cybersecurity and uncover weaknesses in your existing infrastructure.

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