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To ensure that all of your new equipment is operating properly, we ship everything to our staging center. While your equipment is there, our expert technicians will fully prepare and test your system so it is ready for on-site installation.

Our team will:

  • Perform a complete inventory of your equipment
  • Order any additional or missing equipment if necessary
  • Rack and install all equipment in our lab
  • Serialize all of the equipment
  • Download all software licenses and right to use permissions
  • Perform all software and firmware updates
  • Software translations will be done by assigned a Software Specialist
  • Input all network IP addresses into the system.
  • Burn in the system and run diagnostics to identify any problems
  • Perform a complete test of all hardware and software

Once the team is satisfied with the integrity of the system and the system software, the equipment will be de-installed, packed and readied for delivery to your location. When the equipment arrives at your site, Digitel technicians will:

  • Unpack all equipment and adjuncts
  • Perform a complete inventory to insure all equipment has arrived
  • Rack and stack equipment
  • Power up the system
  • Perform a complete test of all equipment, hardware and software
  • Make appropriate connections to your ISP and voice carriers

At this point your new communication system will be up and running and ready for the cutover. This will allow you to access your system on site and make any changes that are necessary. The Digitel team will be on site when your new system goes live - ready to handle any issues that come about and make any changes necessary to ensure that your new communications solution is working just the way you want it. This process was created to give our customers complete assurance that their new system will work flawlessly. Our goal is to provide maximum quality and service with a minimum of disruption.

A Digitel technician will complete the cutover process by registering your system with the manufacturer, identifying your address and the equipment you have in place there. The Digitel team will always be available to answer your questions or concerns. In addition, Digitel offers AssureNet comprehensive maintenance programs on our systems so you can be confident that your system will be serviced regularly and receive all of the latest software updates. We also want to keep you as a customer for a long time so we will continue to help you to identify new products and services which will benefit your business.

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