Carrier Services

Digitel is proud to be a partner for AT&T. Our alliance signifies that we are able to coordinate the implementation of your local, long distance and private networking services. In establishing your telecommunication needs, Digitel will provide competitive pricing, order processing and installation coordination.

With voice, video, and data applications playing an increasingly important role in your business, it's easy to see why selecting the carrier network to support those applications is such an important decision. Factors such as reliability, cost, disaster recovery and geographic availability have made the carrier landscape too complex for many businesses to quickly and easily navigate. With expertise in nearly every network environment and strong relationships with major carrier partners including AT&T, Paetec and other Tier I carriers, Digitel will handle your network migration from design through vendor selection, project management and implementation. Our carrier services include:

  • Local Phone Service (PRI/T1)
  • Long Distance Service
  • Internet Service from DSL to DS3
  • MPLS Private Network Transport Services
  • SIP Trunking

Carrier Interface and Coordination

Digitel will also work with your current carrier(s) to ensure a seamless installation and continue support throughout the contract, including vendor meetings. Your business needs will most likely change from time to time. For these reasons, Digitel will conduct an annual carrier audit to ensure that your organization has the correct quantity and appropriate type of network services.

  • Featured Service - SIP Trunking - Advantages of SIP Trunking for your Business
  • Lower Monthly Cost – SIP trunking leverages existing data connection(s) and allows businesses to capitalize on that investment. Because of this, customers do not have to pay the ‘middle man’ (bell) to rent additional access on the PSTN network for telephone traffic (also known as loop charges).
  • Flexibility – SIP trunking offers advantages to businesses not available with traditional telephone service such as Virtual DIDs (the ability to order telephone numbers from anywhere in the US that ring locally into your telephone system).
  • Never Change Your Phone Number - As businesses move office locations, there has always been the hassle of changing and updating advertised numbers. Because SIP trunking is not bound by the limitations of traditional phone service, you do not have to change your number - whether you move across town or across the country.
  • Redundancy - SIP trunking clients benefit from multi-site dynamic routing. This means that if a proxy detects one of your locations is having problems, calls can automatically re-route to an alternate facility. The alternate location can be notified via a pre-pended message to the caller ID that the call was originally for the primary location so that the call can be answered correctly.
  • Flexibility for your Business – SIP trunking offers the advantages to businesses not available with traditional telephone services, such as Virtual DID - the ability to order telephone numbers anywhere in the US that ring locally into your telephone system.

Selecting the appropriate voice and data provider is most definitely not "one size fits all". Digitel has the experience, partnerships and resources to guide you through the carrier selection process and arrive at a cost-effective solution that "fits".

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