What can FreedomPipe Cloud Voice do for your business?

FreedomPipe Cloud Voice eliminates the need to purchase or lease expensive PBX or phone equipment to gain advanced calling and messaging features. You get all the features you need and

  • ONE provider for local, long distance, Internet service and hosted phone system
  • ONE call for all service and support
  • ONE easy predictable monthly bill
  • ONE system and set of features and services for all your users - whether they are across the hall or across the county
  • ONE great service for your small business

8 Reasons FreedomPipe Cloud Voice will benefit your business


Reduce your phone bill

Business is always evolving. Ideally you’d be able to secure the most advanced technology available without having to spend significant amounts of money upfront on hardware. FreedomPipe Cloud Voice makes this possible. With FreedomPipe you save from day one on your monthly fees with local and long distance calls included.


Pay as you GO / Pay as you GROW

Five year projections? Frankly, for most businesses, it has become nearly impossible to make accurate predictions. It's why you need a highly flexible cloud based technology like FreedomPipe Cloud Voice. It’s simple and quick to add more phones or even hook up a new branch or home office workers.


Feature rich solution

Cloud Voice offers HD Voice, music on hold, conference calling sophisticated call routing and voice-mail to email and a host of features that will simply make your business run better and your employees more productive


Easy installation and management

We know you’re busy. So we’ve made installation and set-up simple. Cloud Voice is hosted on our own secure servers with easy to use management portal that will let you easily make changes to your service with a click of your mouse.


Premium Handsets and HD Voice

FreedomPipe Cloud Voice gives you the opportunity to replace you old phone system for a state of the art solution at a fraction of the cost. Our Polycom handsets are among the best in the world offering HD voice, easy to use displays, full duplex speakerphones and touchscreen technology.


No Risk of Obsolescence

Tired of buying a new phone system to keep up with the features or office expansions? With FreedomPipe Cloud Voice, the redundant, enterprise-class hardware that power your phone service are hosted by us, saving you the burden (and risk) of technology obsolescence. We keep your service up to date – so you can better serve your customers. You save upfront with a much smaller capital expense and in the long term by not having to replace old or faulty hardware.


No Maintenance Expense

With a FreedomPipe Cloud Voice, you don’t need to hire phone IT staff or pay a technician hundreds of dollars an hour to routinely maintain your phone system. All technical support is handled by our team at no cost. When new firmware or features are available for your VoIP service or phones, they’re updated automatically.


Dedicated Account Team that knows your business

We go above and beyond. Our Local US support team is available to help every step of the way. Got a question, just give us a call or send us an email.