Wireless Design Services

Wireless Consulting Services:

Digitel provides engineering services for wireless broadband networks including business planning and consulting services, feasibility studies, ROI and business case development.

Point-to-Multipoint RF Engineering:

Planet EV RF network design services for WiMax, LTE, and other technologies. Digitel has terrain and clutter data (2004 vintage) for the entire U.S.

Point-to-Point Microwave Networks:

Digitel has microwave design tools to create both 4G broadband backhaul and Alternative-to-Fiber broadband networks.

Network Architecture and Design:

Digitel has IP / systems design engineering services to optimize traffic and services across your wireless broadband network.

Bill of Materials:

Network equipment hardware and software requirements to complete the prescribed network are provided for CAPEX and procurement purposes.

Case Study

Video Case Study:
A lesson in Public Service - Powered by the network

Wireless Solutions

Our Wireless Design Services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each community
and service provider

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