Virtual Wireless LAN

Virtual Wireless LAN (vWLAN®)

The Bluesocket vWLAN® solution offers companies in education, healthcare, hospitality, government and retail an excellent solution for wireless that is completely scalable to future technologies. vWLAN® 802.11n is a uniquely distributed architecture that supports decisions at the edge of the network and manages them with a centralized appliance or server.

Cutting Edge Management Console:

vWLAN integrates Bluesocket's WLAN management software to provide a rich set of visual tools for analyzing and troubleshooting the wireless network. The management solution includes location and head maps, health summary, enhanced reporting, notifications, and summary of the overall RF environment.

Integrated Security:

Identity-based QoS and Fairness Algorithms are applied at the access point. Tightly integrated security modules offer robust and scalable NAC, Guest Access, AAA and WIDS capability.

Additional Security at the Edge:

With vWLAN, as user's role is determined by his or her identity. User roles are managed by the central control software but are enforced by the AP. The roles contain multiple attributes including service policies, VLAN/subnet assignment, bandwidth, and QoS. A single SSID can be used to support multiple roles, eliminating the need to manage multiple SSIDs.

Increased Capacity:

By forwarding data traffic directly to the access point you free enormous capacity within the wireless controller. More capacity means vWLAN can deliver enhanced wireless management.

Reduction in Controller Hardware:

The uniquely distributed architecture supports decisions at the edge of the network and manages them centrally. By forwarding data traffic directly to the access point you eliminate the need for costly controller hardware. By removing hardware from the equation both CapEx and OpEx are reduced and scale is cheaper and faster. In large and broad deployments the cost saving is significant.

Optimized Performance:

With vWLAN 802.11n, system capacity is no longer computed by the backplane capacity of the hardware-based controller; rather, it's determined by the aggregate throughput of the APs. For example, in a 1500-AP deployment with 802.11n APs, each capable of forwarding over 200 Mbps of traffic, the vWLAN system capacity if over 300 Gbps. This number demonstrates a revolutionary change from centralized WLAN solutions whereby each controller typically has 20-30 Gbps data plane capacity. vWLAN offers many class/quality of service components including bandwidth management, admission control, packet prioritization, and load balancing to assure each user's traffic is handles appropriately to provide the highest performance.

Scalability to Additional Users and Software without Building out Infrastructure:

The Bluesocket vWLAN® distributed architecture enables over a 10x increase in the total traffic. Because the packet forwarding functionality is offloaded from the controller to the access point, the controller is free to now manage thousands of AP's and 10s of thousands of users.

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