Digitel Wireless

Digitel Wireless has the expertise to provide a complete end-to-end wireless broadband solution that can meet your most aggressive reach, speed and coverage goals quickly and easily.

At Digitel Wireless, wireless broadband is all about giving you opportunities. And helping you take advantage of those opportunities a wireless infrastructure can provide to deliver services, create differentiation in your community, deliver a competitive edge and create new revenues.

Our portfolio of wireless broadband solutions provides a wealth of opportunities. These include the ability to reach and connect people wherever they live or work and to deliver information - voice, video or data - at high speeds in real time. They also include providing reliable broadband coverage under a wide variety of conditions, such as low, medium or high-density environments; open or obstructed situations; and indoor, perimeter and outdoor locations.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to offer high-value, high-speed mobile connectivity solutions that offer significant and immediate benefits for end users and wireless service providers.

Market Analysis & Network Planning

  • Wireless business case development to determine client needs, goals, budgets and applications
  • Technology review, services planning and recommendations
  • Market research services to determine services demand, pricing sensitivity and media preferences

Network Design

  • On-site market engineering survey for spectrum use, location and topography
  • Network design report including RF propagation, point to point and multipoint link analysis, site specific hardware and marketing recommendations
  • Functional network specs including CAPEX recommendations
  • Site acquisition and civil certification services (licenses/permits)

Network Build

  • Infrastructure procurement services
  • Staging, testing, pre-assembly and programming of equipment
  • Construction management
  • Procurement and management of construction personnel
  • Network testing and optimization services
  • CPE troubleshooting and installation training

Case Study

Video Case Study:
A lesson in Public Service - Powered by the network

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