Partner Program Benefits

Your Customers want Cloud based IT Services

Digitel provides a smooth transition to the cloud for you and your customers. Founded in 1983, and currently serving 1,000's of businesses, and 10,000's of end users we can help you ensure that your Cloud offer is profitable, secure, reliable and current. As an aggregator of Cloud Services we give you and your customers one contractual, commercial and support relationship to manage for a full line of cloud based services.

How can partners benefit?

  • Adding cloud services to your offering will ensure that your competitors will not steal your hard earned customers. Customer retention is now a vital part businesses strategy.Click here to see our range of Cloud services
  • Retain customer ownership - by providing cloud services under your own brand and being able to set prices that are right for your business and your customers, you can remain in control. Your relationship with your customer is critical to the overall adoption of cloud services.
  • Win new customers - as businesses become more aware of the advantages of some Cloud IT services, including the reduction in capital costs, they will seek IT providers that can deliver what they need. This is an opportunity to grow your customer base.
  • Win new business from existing customers - Cloud services offer the opportunity to revisit your customer base with a new offer or proposition. You can excite your customers and show that you are able to provide leading edge solutions along with your core offerings.

What does Digitel do?

  • Cloud Services Bundling - partnering with the leading providers of Cloud Services to increase your account penetration and revenue per user and to streamline your operations and sales costs.
  • Digitel helps IT resellers by aggregating cloud and IT services from market leading vendors and service providers, and making them available to our partners.
  • Simplify the whole process - Digitel offers significant value to you as an IT reseller by reducing the management overhead of dealing multiple cloud vendors, simplifying billing and support and creating meaningful bundles of services from multiple vendors, that reduce the cost of sale and improve customer “stickiness” of the end-user customer.

Our Services

Digitel has a complete portfolio of Cloud Services to sell right now with more being added on a regular basis. Resellers that have gone through the on-boarding process get access to all the latest services and pricing. Click here to see our range of Cloud services

Act now!

By partnering with Digitel, your journey to the Cloud will be faster, better and cheaper. Our white label partner approach enables you to stay in control: set your own pricing, and maintain your relationship with your customers. With our experience and vision Digitel can help you transform your business.