ThreatAdvice, A NXTsoft Company Announces vCISO Solution to Augment Cybersecurity Oversight without Increasing Headcount, Endorsed by Frank Abagnale

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, May 7, 2019 –ThreatAdvice, A NXTsoft Company ( announced today the addition of a virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) solution to its current cybersecurity education and awareness offerings.  The vCISO solution will be accessible from the ThreatAdvice dashboard, a place current customers currently access to monitor ongoing employee cybersecurity education and awareness training and threat intelligence initiatives. From ThreatAdvice’s vCISO dashboard, users can communicate securely with the vCISO team, access completed reports and policies, view upcoming and completed tasks that the vCISO team is handling and more.

With the introduction of the vCISO solution, Digitel’s goal is to provide a holistic view of a company’s overall security posture and advise the management and board on critical technology and security resources at an affordable price. Recently stated that the average salary for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is $156,852. Many SMB’s can’t afford that salary expenditure or can’t attract top talent to their geographic location and thus a vCISO is a much-needed solution.
“Having a chief information security officer is more important than ever…and more expensive,” said Frank Abagnale, an FBI consultant and author of Scam Me If You Can: Simple Strategies To Outsmart Today’s Ripoff Artists, who currently serves as a spokesperson for ThreatAdvice. “The ThreatAdvice Virtual CISO product is a wonderful solution for many organizations,” Abagnale said.
Already seasoned in cybersecurity education, awareness and threat intelligence, recent acquisitions by NXTsoft, ThreatAdvice’s parent company, of Digital Data Solutions and Digitel have increased the talent personnel to develop and deliver a vCISO solution that naturally complements the solutions ThreatAdvice currently delivers to the marketplace. 

ThreatAdvice’s vCISO solution will empower SMB’s and financial institutions to manage daily security needs, meet security standards and address industry-based compliance by helping them develop and maintain a robust security program to reduce overall risk posture and address regulatory concerns independent of current service providers. 

“Having been in the business of cybersecurity education, we have seen firsthand that many business just don’t have the personnel or the budget to maintain the level of cybersecurity expertise needed in today’s world,” said David Brasfield, CEO of NXTsoft, ThreatAdvice’s parent company. “Our experience and certified ThreatAdvice vCISO team complemented by our vCISO dashboard provides companies and financial institutions with the security expertise they need in a manner that organized, searchable and easy to comprehend,” Brasfield said.

About NXTsoft
NXTsoft builds and grows companies using management’s core strengths in sales and marketing, software development, business scaling, and capital access. The company’s current focus is concentrated in risk management, which includes cybersecurity, compliance, risk analytics and technology delivered by companies that include ThreatAdvice, FIMAC, Springhouse Compliance, DDS, Echo Partners, Digitel and Integrated Legacy Solutions. For more information visit, email or call 1-800-915-3381.

About Digitel
Digitel specializes in cybersecurity and enterprise communication systems drawing on over 35 years of experience and a track record of customer satisfaction. the company's current focus is in implementing layered cybersecurity solutions that emphasize the importance of cyber education at the employee level and compliance solutions. 


May 07, 2019

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