58% of Cyberattacks are targeted directly at Small Business – Are you ready?

Cybercriminals have found a sweet spot—small businesses. Small businesses often have more vulnerabilities than large ones, they tend to be targeted more frequently by hackers.  If you’re a business owner, this statistic shows why cybersecurity is more important than ever.


  1. Change the mindset and the culture of the organization. Assume you are a target.  

  2. Provide the necessary training for your employees to intensify the level of vigilance and awareness of possible risks and threats that exist. Your company is only as secure as the weakest employee.  

  3. If you don’t have in house IT resources, identify a provider that can help you conduct a cybersecurity risk assessment, identify cyber threats to your business, develop an incident response plan and implement countermeasures to mitigate high probability threats.

By taking a proactive and offensive stance and making regular advancements to your technology, you can stay ahead of cybercrime and protect your company and your customers.   Failing to do so could mean that your business may one day face an existential threat that could have been prevented. 


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