iPad's change how Valley students learn on Digitel Wireless Network

Learn how iPads running on Digitel Wireless deployment are helping school system deploy a last mile state of the art WiMAX Network.   

Video Case Study:
A lesson in Public Service -  
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From Network architecture to RF Design, Digitel Wireless can design a solution to optimize your network.   

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Services to guide your wireless project throughout the deployment phase and deliver projects on time and on budget.

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Support services for post deployment wireless networks.

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Virtualizing the wireless LAN.

At DIGITEL Wireless, we provide services to guide your wireless project throughout the deployment phase to mange risks and deliver projects on time and on budget.

DIGITEL Wireless has deployed networks for clients using a variety of technologies and spectrums including Wi-Fi Mesh, Point-to-Point Wireless back haul, WiMAX and Telemetry solutions for a variety of clients and applications.  After completion of the network planning phase, DIGITEL Wireless will provide System Design Documents (SDD) for the overall network and security requirements.

During the deployment stage, we take careful steps not to disrupt the on-going operations of your existing network. Staging and testing takes place prior to installation. After successful installation of the required physical infrastructure (tower erection, identification and mounting of equipment, etc), equipment is delivered to the appropriate location for deployment. 

Once network integration is completed and acceptance testing is approved, the final milestone is achieved and as-built documents are delivered to the client.