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Plans & Pricing 

FreedomPipe offers feature-rich virtual PBX services that are customized for your business. Mix and match user features to customize your service and pay for only the features you need. With FreedomPipe, you can enjoy savings and productivity benefits of VoIP without the risk of obsolescence and heavy investments in capital equipment.

Standard User
$28 per month

Premium User
$36 per month

Unlimited Incoming Calls
Caller ID Name and Number

• Direct Dial Phone Number
• Extension Dialing
Call Hold, Transfer, Call Waiting
• Call Forward – all, busy, no answer, 
not reachable
• Call Return
Anonymous Call Rejection
• Auto Callback (intra-group)
• Calling Line ID Blocking / Call
• Cancel Call Waiting per Call
• Consultation Hold
• Do Not Disturb
• Last Number Redial
• Speed Dial 100
• Three Way Calling 
• Call Manager Personal Web Portal gives you access to online calls logs, click to dial and more
Voice Mailbox with voice mail to email forwarding and more

Designed for Receptionists, “power users” or mobile employees. It includes the entire Standard feature set and:

Includes Standard User Features PLUS:

• Alternate Numbers
• Call Forwarding Selective
• Directed Call Pickup
• Distinctive Alert/Ringing
• Priority Alert/Ringing
• Push-to-Talk (intercom)
• Shared Call Appearance

 Enhanced Personal Mobility Package 
• Remote Office
• Simultaneous Ring 
• Sequential Ring
• Outlook Integration

Choice of Polycom IP Phone 





Customize your service with these Add-Ons:


Auto Attendant - $15 per month 

Add a "virtual" receptionist with this powerful, automated capability.  FreedomPipe’ hosted auto-attendant allows you to easily customize your company’s system through any Web browser so callers find the right person as quickly as possible, minimizing staff requirements while maximizing customer response.   Auto-attendants can stand alone or they can be combined with other FreedomPipe applications such as Reception Console for customized packages that enhance your customer service programs.  Have a professionally recorded greeting made and upload or record your own greeting from any phone to give your callers a great first impression of your organization.

Additional Voice Mail Box - $5 per month

Add an additional mailbox for departments or general messages.  Includes voicemail to email forwarding allowing messages to be delivered right to your EMail Inbox as a wave file attachment. 

FreedomPipe Enterprise Assistant Toolbar - $2.50 per month

This amazing little toolbar fully integrates with Internet Explorer® and Outlook® to easily turn on and off advanced features. Click-to-call, set up simultaneous ring, view detailed call logs, transfer calls to voicemail and much more, all by clicking an icon on the toolbar. 


Fax to E-mail with our IPFax Sevice - $15 per month

Don't hang around waiting for another fax or worry about the confidentiality of documents on an unattended fax machine – plus save money on paper, toner and equipment. With FreedomPipe, you can receive faxes anywhere you have e-mail access, including mobile devices. Faxes delivered directly to your e-mail inbox can be read, forwarded or saved with a quick click of the mouse.


  • Up to 150 pages included at no additional cost 
  • Increased security because you control access to important documents instead of leaving them sitting on a fax machine
  • Access faxes while away from the office via laptop or Internet-ready cell phone
  • HIPPA and GLBA compliant

Hunt Group - $10 per month

Route incoming calls to specific users or groups in any order you choose to ensure your customer calls are handled.   

Call for a customized quote for your business.  1.800.DIGITEL